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Comfortable Senior Clothing / Adaptive Clothing

Senior Clothing and Adaptive Clothing

Cargo PantsThese simple and effective adaptive cargo pants will eliminate many
unnecessary trips to the bathroom.
Catheter Pants

Our Catheter Pants maintain the
same great benefits as our Cargo
Pants but with the added benefit
of an inside pocket to house
catheter bag.



EZ-GOTM Shorts

Now you can have the same great
benefits provided by EZ-GO™ PANTS
during the hot summer months.

Questions?order senior clothing from EZ-GO PantsFeel free to contact us to get all
your questions answered or to
place your order today.
Senior Clothing that Makes Going Easy!!!
..a full, active l
Senior Clothing
Don’t let a stroke, spinal cord injury, paralysis or incontinence prevent you from going out with friends, socializing, and enjoying a full active life. Regain a semblance of independence with EZ-GOTM Pants. Our unique adaptive senior clothing easily unzips giving fast access to a hand-held urinal. Simply unzip the large front flap and go!  Our patent-pending senior clothing also features a stay-on waistband, preventing the pants from falling off while the flap is down.  So whether you’re going to the movies, out to dinner, or to the bathroom, our EZ-GOTM adaptive cargo pants make going easy..  ...Message from Founder.

Emily Weiss, founder of EZ-GO Pants senior clothing company
As the saying goes, “When one door closes, another opens.” When my father suffered a paralyzing stroke, in a split second his life changed from an active and full one to one of immobility and helplessness. It was unbearable to watch him come to terms with his loss and make sense of his new-found indignities. While at rehab, although he wasn’t incontinent, he was forced to wear diapers. The aides were often too overloaded with other patients to come help him when he called for bathroom help. Why should my father, or anyone else in the same position, have to suffer more than they already have?
That’s when the idea for EZ-GOTM Pants came to me. If your loved one has suffered a stroke or paralysis, or is elderly or incontinent, our senior clothing can help restore their feeling of  independence.  Our adaptive clothing enables them to take back control of their bathroom needs and take the worry out of hurry calls. Just unzip the large front panel to quickly and easily insert a hand-held urinal. It’s that simple!
Senior clothing is vitally important for people who are disabled, paralyzed, victims of stroke, or suffer with incontinence. This simple solution has made a great impact in my father’s life, and I hope to have it do the same for you or your loved ones.
Best Regards,

Emily Weiss


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